A Sure Sign I’m Aging

I bet many of you on here with us for the past almost 6 years have noticed that I have told the same story several times. Well that’s a fact. I know how that’s partially an old folks thing, telling the same story more than once. At least I haven’t got to where I tell the same story several times in the same day.

But there’s one thing you may want to keep in mind. I may be repeating myself, but I always tell them the same way. So that lends credence to them being true. It’s hard to remember a lie, but the truth in imprinted in your brain for life. Or at least until we start losing our minds.

My memory is still pretty good of anything 50 or 60 years ago. It ain’t too bad for 20 to 40 years ago. It starts getting sketchy for things that have happen since the turn of the century. I’m thinking about ordering some of those short term memory pills, if that will help me remember what happened this morning. But first I’ve got to work myself off of some of the pills I’m already taking, either prescribed or vitamins I take, all on the doctors advice.

I have it down now to where I can swallow them all in one gulp. Of course if I took everything thing I get recommended to me, I wouldn’t need to eat supper. My belly would be full of pills and there wouldn’t be room for food.

But back to the memory pills, is that a real thing or just some kind of a snake oil deal?

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