What Works In Texas May Not Work In Other Places

A few years ago several members of the Lewis family traveled to San Diego, California to attend the Marine Recruit Training Graduation of one of our sons. We were staying in a hotel not far from the Marine Base. Some of us walked down to a restaurant a block or so from the hotel to get something to eat.

I remember the service not being all that good, especially when it came to paying the bill. Finally I stuck a $100 bill under the check (it was enough to cover the bill and tip) and we left. Most of us quickly disappeared inside the hotel, but Madeline and a grandson continued on down the street to go to a Walgreens.

She heard someone yelling as they ran toward her. She was being accused of walking the check by the waitress and/or manager. She explained that we had left the money on the table. Evidently that is unheard of in California.

They returned and the table had been cleared off. They went back and looked in the food scraps barrel and laying there was our check and the $100 bill.

I sure was glad they didn’t put that woman in jail.

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