Another Day In My Life

I find myself (you notice how everything is about me) in a quandary. If this sheltering in place lasts very much longer I am going to end up one swallowing of my tooth crowns. I’ve got two loose ones at the moment that need the real good dental glue. Every few days one or the other of them comes out. I clean them up, removing all the old adhesive using some of my tiny drill bits and CNC tools. After brushing my teeth and rinsing well I dry the stud with a cotton swab. Then it’s time to fill the hollow (I was going to say cavity, but I figured that someone may think I have cavities in my porcelain crowns) part with a very good quality super glue. It’s the same universal CA glue that I use in woodworking. There are 3 different viscosities of the glue.

Let me stop and explain about the reasoning into which glue I decide to use. An upper crown will get a medium fluidity, while a lower gets the heavy or thicker glue.

I have found through experimentation that the thinnest glue works the best but comes with the greatest hazards. The slightest tipping can spill glue inside your mouth and even coat your tongue. When that happens, a few very rapid flicks of the tongue will keep it from becoming one with the roof of your pallet, but it’s still a mess to get out of your mouth. It just takes a lot of time wearing it off with the abrasive action with your tongue.

The medium consistency glue stays with the tooth pretty well and gives a pretty good bond on the uppers.

The heavier glue used on the bottom teeth will allow the crown to be inverted and jammed into place, most of the time before much of it drops out into the mouth. It doesn’t flow into all the cracks around the stud as well but there are trade offs.

It takes a lot of practice to accomplish any of this and I wouldn’t recommend that just anyone undertake doing it.

I have even perfected a method of extracting those loose crowns that you know need to come out and start over on but are being stubborn. I always liked those Sugar Daddy caramel candy bars. They are the best I’ve found for this operation.

But once this Coronavirus thing settles down on both sides of the river, I’m going to get my traveling buddy Sam Hall and a Sugar Daddy Candy Bar and we are going to head for the border.

As a footnote to all this, I know it would be easier to glue these crowns in if my wife would just help me, but she won’t have anything to do with it.

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