Attorney’s Don’t Always Think Out Their Next Question

One time years ago we were working beside North Lamar out just north of Rhomberg Lane in north Austin. A few blocks south of our job site 2 cars got together in a pretty bad crash. Attorneys got involved and started suing everyone they could think of.

I’m not sure how our name got involved but it did and we were named in the suit. Several months or even years had past when an attorney called me to get a statement. She had almost worn me completely out when I told her that I would send her a map marked showing where we were working and where the intersection was that they said the wreck happened. That seemed to satisfy her.

Just as we got ready to hang up she said“would you please go through your records and send me anything you have that shows that you weren’t there at that intersection when the wreck happened”?

I said “lady I can assure you I have never been to the moon, but I don’t have anything written down in my records saying that I haven’t”. To which, she said “I guess you have a point”.

I never heard any more out of that case.

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