It Was 45 Years Ago This Very Day

On this day in 1974 we welcomed our very first son into the world.

We got up early that morning and drove to St. David’s Hospital, all just like clockwork. We were in no real hurry, but she knew for sure that was the day.

Once she was checked in, I nervously sat around waiting for the big event, while she was calm and ready for what was to come.

Then at 2:26 PM Matthew Wayne Lewis came into the world. It was truly the most fabulous birthday present I could ever receive. His birth set the tone for how the next 4 births would happen. Except he was the only one that arrived on my birthday.

All five boys were born in the same hospital, with the same doctor delivering each and with their pediatrician on duty each and every time. Just like clockwork, every 2 to 3 years we would repeat the same course of events. We were put on this earth to go forth and multiply and that we have done. Now those five sons have added another 10 grandchildren.

We have been blessed in ways that I can’t describe in words. I’ll let the pictures below speak to that.


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