A Day Like Today Makes Me Think Back…….

……to the old chest type coke machines that kept the bottles in a bath of cold water.The drinks were the coldest of any you could find.

Sometimes the flavor you wanted would be down the line and you’d have to work to reorganize them into other tracks until you finally slid the bottle along metal rails to the flip gate that was activated when you dropped your money in the slot. It actually took effort to pull hard enough to get them out. (Only people that used this type of coke machine will understand what I’m saying)

I think the one I most remember using was at the Sinclair Station on US 281 across from the Old Methodist Church.

5 thoughts on “A Day Like Today Makes Me Think Back…….

  1. My dad ran the Sinclair station in the ’50’s. Around ’51 or ’52 I think. I can remember getting a coke from that machine


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