Just Thinking About Those Out Of The Way Places That We Used To Eat At

There is really no reason a person would ever pass through Brundage Texas. It’s not on your way to anyplace. It’s stuck out between Carrizo Springs and Dilley. Well I guess if you were an oilfield worker or worked on a South Texas Ranch you may have gone to Brundage.

When I was working in South Texas in the 70’s and 80’s different ones would tell me about this steakhouse at Brundage. So I started going there to eat if I was anywhere down in that country. I’d always get there after dark so I couldn’t tell you exactly what the place looked like. It seems like after you got to town, and it wasn’t really a town, as I don’t remember there being anything else there, you took a dirt road to reach this wood framed building.

Yes, it was some of the best food I ever ate. Of course there wasn’t much competition. Actually there wasn’t even a store close by to get a Herbie’s pre-made sandwich. But that didn’t cause them to scrimp on quality or serving sizes. What struck me as strange, it was miles from anywhere, but cars and trucks and pickups would be parked everywhere.

Come to find out, besides the workers around there, it was a place visited by deer and dove hunters that frequented the area. And people from all over South Texas would drive there to eat. A real destination kind of place.

Being curious if that place was still there, I Googled it (actually I DuckDuck Go’d it – but Goggled sounds better) and I couldn’t find it but I did find where it talks about an old schoolhouse in Brundage that was converted to the Coomb’s Country Steakhouse. It doesn’t appear to be in business any longer. But it sure wasn’t from a lack of customers.

I think that must be the building in the center of the photo below.

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