The Day Jimmy Shut The Job Down

We were running short on work one time when Big Jimmy and I were young guys. We went over to help a competitor get caught up.

Big Jimmy was a real pushover. He always carried packages of gum. All the labor crew would aggravate him about wanting a stick of gum. It was costing him a small fortune to keep them all in chewing gum. Or at least that was his claim.

He was complaining about that when we made our morning stop at a store. There in the sundries were packages of Feen-A-Mint Gum. I said give them each a few pieces of this and they won’t bother you the rest of the day. He bought a few boxes.

We got to the job and few minutes later the “chicle Jimmy chicle Jimmy” cry went out.

About 2 hours later we pretty well had to shut the job down. There wasn’t a laborer left on the site. They made their run for the bushes then headed on home.

If anyone ever needs me to do a testimonial for the effectiveness of Feen-A-Mint, I can sure do it.

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