A Singer, I’m Not

I have never been a strong singer would be putting it mildly, but if there were plenty of other people singing at church I have belted out a fairly loud noise before. I love the old hymns very much. It doesn’t seem like we sing nearly enough of them anymore. Back at that time on fifth Sunday’s we would use the Cokesbury Hymnal (it’s a Methodist thing) and take turns calling out for requests. Everyone knew every song so it was always a joyous time.

Madeline was not there this one particular Sunday and no one was sitting very close to me so I felt like singing louder than normal. I always wondered what I sounded like, mostly from the snickers of our Grandchildren saying “I heard Granddad really singing today” then they might do a eye roll or some other snide gesture.

So to capture what I really sounded like that day, I had my iPhone out and discretely recorded myself. As I headed into town later I hooked up my phone to my Suburbans Bose speakers so I could get the best sound quality possible to do this self evaluation.

I can’t even tell you how embarrassed I was for myself. I kept fast forwarding through the various songs, hoping it would get better. It didn’t.

Now I only allow myself to sing in my whisper mood and that’s if there is no one close by.

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