I Have Always Been Very Agile (that’s kind of an inside joke)

I came in Saturday evening knowing I’d put off assembling a huge doll until the last minute for my Granddaughter Sarah’s 5th Birthday today. I flew in on it about 8:00 PM last night doing it on the Brazilian Mahogany Coffee Table in our living room. The boss lady made sure it was covered so I wouldn’t scratch it. But doing it there allowed me to have plenty of light but most importantly it kept me from bending over and sitting in the floor for the 3 hours I worked on it. At least this way I was able to get out of bed and go to the party this morning. The old back isn’t what it used to be.

With the assembly complete I got a good nights sleep and it was time this morning to load it into a small enclosed trailer I had parked out in the driveway. Being experienced in matters of trying to do stuff alone and messing things up I asked Sarah’s Grandma to assist me in getting it from the living room and out through the garage to the trailer.

As we each took and end, I said “here let me back out the door, since I’m so agile and you can walk forward“. (I guess I was inferring that she isn’t so agile)

I no more than said that when I felt something and heard a big crash. I had backed into her prized crystal cabinet. I couldn’t even look for fear of what I had broken.

We got the dollhouse loaded and I headed out to Jack Garey Park in Georgetown where we had a wonderful party. It was there she told me it wasn’t too bad, that I had only broken a couple of pieces. She has special glue to put those intricate crystal pieces back together.

This wasn’t my first encounter with that crystal cabinet.

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