A “Trip” to Mackinac Island Michigan …..back when I was young enough to actually run a foot race

Several Utility Contractors formed the Texas Utility Contractors Association back in the mid 1980’s. We were a branch of The National Utility Contractors Association. We traveled to far away places to have our board meetings so we could mix pleasure with business and visit nice places around the country. We would make at least one trip to Washington DC each year also to make our desires be known to the elected officials there.

One of those meeting was in Mackinac Island, Michigan one summer, probably about 1987. If you never been there, it’s a really beautiful place. Except this time there was a severe heat wave going on. That island had no cars. You travel by horse drawn buggy, bicycle or walk. Since the temperatures are “always” pleasant in the summer, the hotels aren’t air conditioned. They gathered up box fans to at least help keep the bunch of Texans from dying for the few days we were there. Being hot wasn’t the worst part. I was nursing two sprained wrists.

A large group of us were strolling the grounds the first afternoon we arrived. John R. Hughes, several years older than me, was into running at that time of his life and I had started putting on a few pounds. A friendly wager was made as to who could outrun the other up to a trash can, 50 or so yards up ahead.

We ran neck and neck the whole distance, but as we got to our imaginary finish line, he tripped me (or I tripped myself). As I fell, I stuck but hands out in front of me, causing me to do a complete flip, bending both wrists double. How I didn’t break something is beyond me or any of the rest of group that watched in amazement.

For the next few days the Texas State President of the Texas Utility Contractors Association walked around with both hands and arms wrapped up like a mummy, unable to open doors, button my shirt or zip my on pants.

The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island

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