Hauling Guns Into Mexico

In the fall of 1984 I had a very big real estate deal happen that made me think we’d never see another poor day. So what did I do? I went and bought a new Lincoln Sedan. It was the Cartier addition. A very slick ride.

It wasn’t for Madeline. There was no way she could get all the boys and their friends in it. She drove a suburban. I had a pickup or a suburban or both. I’m absolutely positive there was a reason I bought the Lincoln. I just can’t think what that reason might have been. I don’t think I’ll be running in to ask Madeline about this. If I remember correctly she doubted my sanity for bringing it home.

We were going to Kenny’s hunting lease down between Laredo and Freer that weekend for a big blowout that he was having, with quite a few couples. Our friend Coy and his wife rode with us.

Since there were so many going that weekend some of us were staying m in Laredo at the Holiday Inn and would drive to the lease the each day. When we got to the hotel, we unloaded our suitcases, freshen up and headed across the border to meet all the others at the dog race track for a night of partying. We drove over in that new Lincoln. The rest of our group had parked on the US side and had taken taxi’s over.

When the races were over there were hundreds of people were waiting on taxi’s. So everyone in our group jumped in the Lincoln. I popped the trunk lid and everyone that couldn’t get in the front or back seat squeezed into the trunk. So that meant that about 20 or more people were crammed in one car. It was a very festive affair.

When we got just a block or two from the bridge it occurred to me that Coy and I had forgotten to take our guns and ammo out of the trunk. There is no bigger deal imaginable than being caught with firearms in Mexico.

I came to a fast stop and told everyone to get out and walk across the bridge. I thought it best if only I was in the car if the guns were discovered. With the flood of people all leaving the racetrack at the same time, I was just waved on through. I was one relieved young man when I was safely back on the other side. The others made their way on across and all ended well.

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