The Angora Book Lady (from January 2015)

The other day I was in the Blue Bonnet Cafe having breakfast and visiting with John Kemper when Mrs. Jean Ebeling came to the front to pay her bill. The Mrs. Ebeling that is the mother of Dr. Robert “Bobby” Ebeling II that we, of the “70” graduating class, went to school with.

John told me that Mr. Robert Ebeling I, passed away a few months ago. We were discussing the Ebeling family, and how Mrs. Ebeling is a ranching lady that truly is a breed cut from a cloth that we won’t see again.

About that time she spied The Angora Chronicles sitting there, with the picture of an Angora Goat prominently on the front cover. She picked a copy up and thumbed through it and then bought it. The cashier pointed over to where we were sitting and told her the author was right there and she bet he would sign it for her. He did.

While visiting with John and me for a few minutes, she told us that she wrote The Angora Book several years ago. “It is more of a technical manual on raising Angora goats and about using dogs to work them”, she said. She thought she may still have a copy at home and said she would drop it by so John and I could read it. I hope she does, I would love to see it.

We assured her that The Angora Chronicles was not a technical manual on raising goats. I wondered later as I was driving down the road how far she would make it in the book before she rolled her eyes and laid it on the table. Oh, well maybe she has a good sense of humor. I hope so.

More on Robert II: (Bobby to us back then)

We all considered him to be a true genius walking around, back in school days. I guess he was, I think he left us maybe about in the 9th or 10th grade to head on off to college. I understand he has made a life as a doctor, currently doing cancer treatment down on Louisiana.

Update: Mrs. Ebeling did drop a book by the Blue Bonnet. However, I had already ordered one online and had read it before I made it back to the Blue Bonnet.



“Mrs Ebeling came by and dropped off her Angora goat book. She also gave me a children’s book that she wrote called “Waldo”. She wanted us to know that not everybody involved with Angora goats was not an Outlaw. I tried posting on the chronicle but I forgot how to attach a photo to post. Go figure, technologically challenged!”

Update: February 2019

It is my understanding that Bobby and his wife have built a new home and have now relocated to the area.

I never did hear what Mrs. Jean Ebeling thought about The Angora Chronicles.

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