One Of The Most Vile Mass Murders In American History And I Can’t Recall It Happening

I watched a newly released episode of People Magazine Investigates on ID, Children of Thunder, that happened in the Bay Area of California. It seems worse than the Manson Murders.

It involves the murders of the ex-wife and daughter of Blues Musician, Elvin Bishop, as well as 3 others.

The song I most remember Elvin Bishop for is; I Fool Around And Fell In Love, which was written about his then wife Jenny.

The whole story and the motives behind them are far too difficult to explain here. If you are into this type of thing, you may want to catch a rerun of this show.

When I connected the dots on all this, I remembered something very odd about this song, that I like very much. How often does a singer have a song that he is most recognized for, as is in this case. It is considered Elvin Bishops signature song. Yet he isn’t singing it. The vocals are performed by Mickey Thomas, a vocalist who would later go on to be with Jefferson Starship.

The Song

About Elvin Bishop

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