Watch Out What You Ask A Friend To Do

My friend John had recently married a small attractive lady with long blonde hair. She had been a school teacher but had recently become a real estate agent.

John knew that I had the ability to find out vehicle ownership with the tap of a few computer keys, just by knowing a license plate number. From that within just a few seconds I could see if that person has a criminal record, and other valuable information as well. He asked me if I’d mind if his wife called me if she was headed out with a client and was nervous about whom she was meeting. It would provide a measure of comfort for them both, so I agreed.

One day she called and gave me a plate number and I looked it up for her while we chatted. I gave her a little background on this person. The owner had a fairly seedy past with theft and drug charges on her record. I warned her to be cautious.

John called me a couple days later. He wasn’t all the pleased with me. Seems that the truck plate didn’t belong to a perspective real estate client at all. Instead it was a young lady that drove up and parked next to John at a motel and then they walked into a room together. It was a gal John had met at rehab and they decided to get together and discuss their past drug habits or something.

The commotion that the little blond wife caused got the whole bunch removed from the premises by Austin PD.

That was the end to yet another marriage. I think I finally convinced him I had only done what he had ask me to do.

That experience helped him to get his life on track and was a part of his rehabilitation process. Perhaps just another of life’s lessons for him and me both.

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