Cec Loved New Toys

(As told by Kenny Lewis)

Cec was the type that when he got something new he couldn’t wait to use it. He had bought a new Murray Mower at Walmart. It was late in the day and didn’t get much of a chance to use it by the time he got down to the Fishing Camp. He was up early the next morning and couldn’t wait to get started mowing. Most of us know for numerous reasons that it is a good idea to wait for the dew to dry off the grass before you start mowing. More especially if there is a steep incline involved and if there is a lake at the bottom.

I had decided to stop by on my way to work that morning for a visit. As I rounded the corner of the camp office and store, I see Cec sitting in the lake with bubbles all around him. My first thought was that he had come up with some new invention and was having a bubble bath in the lake. Apparently he had started off the incline, got to the waters edge, threw it in reverse and the wet grass gave no traction. Off in the lake he went, just a split second before I rounded the corner. Of course his first reaction was “well don’t just stand there get me out of here”.

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