The Amazing Story of Henry Purl “Okra” Compton

Once Again Memorial Day Is Coming Around. A Time For Red Poppies And To Honor Those That Were Lost Serving, To Keep Us Free.

An amusing story about a young boy that came to be known as Okra, how he went off to war without a gun and how Georgetown, Texas became the Poppy Capital of Texas.

Georgetown’s 2021 Poppy Festival

I was able to find the longer version of the Okra Compton Story, but it doesn’t go into detail about how his dad left him in charge of the farm, near Briggs, and he decided okra would be a better crop that cotton. But once the okra started coming, there was no way to harvest and dispose of all the tons of okra, so it all got away from him and the legend of Okra Compton was born.

Click to access Son-of-WWI-Soldier-Tells-How-Red-Poppies-Came-to-Georgetown.pdf

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