Always Watch What You Say Around The Little Ones

I did a job down in Hockley, Texas a long time ago. I was on that project when I heard that Elvis was dead. Funny how we remember those things.

When I first started the project I needed someone in the office there onsite to help keep the pipe and other material ordering straight as well as keeping up with time and other office duties. An older fellow dropped by looking for an employment opportunity. He lived in the area and knew his way around.

He was a strikingly handsome old fellow. He dressed nicely, but seemed like he constantly had his comb out combing his white hair straight back. I hired Richard Berry.

He turned out to be one of those guys that could find your very last nerve and then get on it. But he kept up with things so I tolerated him, knowing it was short term.

One day Madeline was in town and stopped by, with our one month old Michael and or 3 year old Matthew. In the close quarters of the office trailer that day I introduced Madeline to Berry. That’s how he wanted to be addressed.

Just then Matthew said “Momma, dat Burreee sure does get on my Nurveees”.

I guess he had heard me say how much Berry got on my nerves.

2 thoughts on “Always Watch What You Say Around The Little Ones

  1. Yes” kids say the darndest things”. Talking to a friend the other day, and she was telling me about her 3 yr old granddaughter who came to her home, through herself down on the couch, and dramatically said ” I am so f___n tired”!!! Friend tells me that came from her daddy!

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