Winfield and the Farming Enterprise

When Winfield left Austin on shaky ground with me, and many others may I add, he ended up in Oklahoma for a short time. Doing what? Trying to go into the Utilities Construction Business. That venture didn’t make it far, but I wasn’t surprised.

One day when he was coming through Austin from Oklahoma he called and wanted to stop for a visit. We agreed to meet at one of my jobsites. I had just purchased a micro-cassette recorder and was playing with it when Winfield drove up. Knowing that I was going to hear some wild stories that I may want to share with Kenny and others. I pushed the record button and laid in down on the seat as Winfield got in.

Of course, in Winfield typical fashion he told me about his recent conquests. Just guy talk. Then he launched into his plans for a new business venture. He was going to start a farming business. When I asked what he would be growing, he would never say. Since it was Winfield I knew what it was. He assured me he had the perfect place picked out and all the components in place to become quite wealthy.

A couple of weeks later I heard from a friend in Marble Falls that the whole Scott family had been arrested. Minus Winfield. His mother, dad and brother were at home at Double Horn when the raid came down. The tax appraiser had been to the Scott place looking around when he peered through a garage window to see the whole thing filled with potted marijuana plants, ready to be set out.

I called Winfield to inquire. He thought I was kidding. I wasn’t, I told him. I could imagine the blood draining out of his face as we talked. His voice quaked and I knew he was shaken. Winfield mostly fell out of sight for a while. I would get a call from him occasionally asking me to call Mrs. Scott and let her know he was alright. When there was a court date coming up, she would call and ask me to let Winfield know. It occurred to me one day that I was in the middle of one of the craziest stories to ever come out of Burnet County. I’m not sure exactly how the case was disposed of but it seems like most charges got dismissed with the Scott’s not having to serve time beyond that at the initial arrest. (If anyone has the details, please share)

After things settled down, when I would talk to Winfield, I’d play the tape that was made when he first talked about farming. I think there was even a price established for me to turn the tape over, but I never saw the money. I think I still have it somewhere.

After this he went on to Law School.

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