I’ve never been completely sure what is considered acceptable flirting. If you are a Type “A” personality you are much more likely to innocently flirt than if you are a Type “B” or that’s the way it seems to me. If you engage easily with people, that could be interpreted as being flirtatious.

For me I talk to people wherever I go whether it be women, men or children. If being friendly translates into flirting, I’d better watch myself. I’m really guilty of it with my granddaughters.

Watch out ladies of the nursing home staff, it won’t be long before I’m there making my move.

What’s really concerning for me; It’s entirely possible I’ve been flirting with men my whole life if one uses the rule of engagement to judge from.

The reason this came up, this morning as I went to the local cafe to grab some breakfast, I was seated in the next booth to a thirty something couple. The woman was facing me. I detected right off that she was a Type “A”. All through the meal I would look up to see her staring at me, even smiling most of the time. It became really uncomfortable, she was doing it with her husband sitting right there. I made sure that our eyes didn’t lock on each other.

I supposed that she just likes older overweight, slightly balding guys. Oh well I guess there are stranger things.

They finished their breakfast before I did and gathered up there things and left.

It was only when I got up to leave that I remembered there was a wall mounted television right behind me. I guess there was something playing that amused her. I’m all good with that.

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