You Never Know Who You’ll See In Vegas

One time playing blackjack in Las Vegas there was a fellow sitting at the other end of the table. I finally put together who he was. Rollie Fingers the MLB pitching great. Being amused by this, then another guy set down beside me. It was Catfish Hunter, another MLB pitching great. We played for a long time with neither of the 2 ball players acknowledging the other.

The thing about the two of them that I knew the best – they both were known for their mustaches and I knew they both had played for the Oakland A’s, but I had no idea if it was at the same time. It was just strange that the whole time they never said a word to each other, like strangers would do.

Rollie Fingers – A’s from 1968 to 1976

Catfish Hunter – A’s from 1965 to 1974

After looking up that information, I’d say they crossed paths.

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