There Were These Giant Earthworms……..

When I was a small boy growing up in Jollyville and going to school at Pond Springs Elementary, after a heavy night of rain when we would show up to school the next morning all over the playground would be these foot long earthworms crawling everywhere.

We would gather them up and chase the girls around the school yard. When the sun was out they would go back underground, not to be seen again until the next heavy rain.

I don’t remember ever seeing that phenomenon anywhere else. I researched and found several places around the world that has earthworm varieties that are several feet long and as big around as a King Edward Cigar.

I’m not talking about anything nearly as big as these, but they looked like giants to me.

Were those common around where you grew up?

I would imagine that the fire ants have pretty well decimated the earth work population in many locales.

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