One Of The Strangest Things

For all the stories I’ve told on here and circumstances I grew up with, I don’t think my Mother or any of my Grandmother’s ever heard me say a curse word prior to me being grown. This was not because we grew up in a highly religious home. My mother was a spiritual person but she didn’t attend church regularly. I attended church with my Grandmother Leona, but I didn’t exactly fall in line there.

It was a different time we lived in. We actually knew how to turn course language on and off. I guess it was more out of respect than something that was required.

I had a difficult time saying even a mild foul word in the presence of the women folk in our family after getting grown.

Maybe my Mother would have preferred me talking out more and acting out less. Me coming home intoxicated wasn’t something that was all that frowned on or even talked about. I think it was thought of as something teenage boys did. Like I said, those were different times.

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