I always heard this fellow was from Austin.

Dr. Gerald “Jerry” Hurst was someone I used to often see on Forensic Files and other shows of that type that deal with crimes including arson. He seemed very knowledgeable and a foremost authority on the subject of arson.

Sometime or the other it mentioned he was from Austin. I googled his name recently and found out he passed on back in 2015. He was an inventor that has several inventions to his credit. His bio mentions that he has a connection to White Out, the correction fluid. Perhaps a improved version.

I thought Bette Nesmith Graham. an American typist, commercial artist, and was the inventor of Liquid Paper. She was the mother of musician and producer Michael Nesmith of “The Monkees“. Didn’t someone mention one time on here that the Nesmith’s have a connection to Marble Falls?

Back to Jerry Hurst – Besides explosive devices and rocket fuel, it says he invented the Mylar Balloon that we see at kids birthday party’s. The fellow lived an interesting life.


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