The Mind Of A Grandkid

What is going on with kids nowadays?

Do they think they can ask for just about anything and get it ?

My 15 year old granddaughter sent me a text this morning asking if I could bring her a plastic HEB bag to school that she’d need at athletics.

I said to myself “a plastic bag”? I snapped a picture of one to be sure we are on the same page. Sure nuff, I’m being asked to drive 15 miles each way to take her a plastic grocery bag. What are the chances I’m going to break from my very busy routine of cleaning out junk that I’ve spend 40 years collecting to take her a plastic bag?

A few minutes later she texted again to say that if I’m going to bring her a grocery bag, how about stopping by McDonald’s and pick she and her friend up lunch so they don’t have to eat lunchroom food.

Not only do they think they can hit you up to bring them stuff, they are picky eaters on top of that.

After a lot of consideration I decided I could work that in, seeing as how I’ll have to eat lunch sometime anyway. It would take a lot of effort to fix myself a sandwich or grab something close by in Bertram. The cuisine is so much better in Burnet. As long as I’m going all the way to Burnet anyway, I just as well take her lunch and a plastic bag.

I guess it’s a good thing I’m not an Astronaut on the International Space Station. It would be harder to pull this off.

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