The Highway Patrolman Down By Paleface Park

Besides racing Shetland’s at Paleface and eating lots of BBQ at the Paleface Store I have one other story that connects to that area.

One Sunday morning Kenny, Karen, Madeline and I were heading from Marble Falls to our great grandmother Purcell’s for a birthday celebration at Luling. I was driving Madeline’s new 1974 Pontiac Granville with that big 455 cubic inch engine in it. Most likely I was exceeding the speed limit. Oh of course I was. Because of gas rationing they had just reduced the speed limit to a maximum of 55 MPH statewide, so almost everyone broke the speed limit. How were you going to drive 55 everywhere?

As we approached the long straight stretch down by the Paleface Ranch main ranch house, there was a line of probably a half dozen cars that I coming up behind, at about twice the speed limit. I had every indication that I would overtake the whole bunch before I got to the no passing zone. I was almost correct. That is if not for the DPS Highway Patrolman coming from the other way and at a high rate of speed at that, my calculations would have been spot on.

As it happened the Highway Patrolman had to get over on the shoulder of the highway.

I guess I don’t have to tell you, but he found it necessary to turn around and come back and stop me. I went ahead pulled off before he had time to much more than turn around. By that time in my life I’d already been through that song and dance just a few times. He was uncommonly upset. Immediately when he walked up to the car window he started blowing the whole thing completely out of proportion, with claims that I had ran him off the road and such stuff as that. At first I pointed out that getting on the shoulder was slightly different than being run off of the highway. He even spoke about taking me to jail. First one thing then the other and I decided it was time for me to just shut up. After a good little bit of being scolded, I decided to plea bargain with him a little. I told him “how about you write me a ticket and then I’ll get my wife to do the driving for the rest of the day”.

I think he had talked all he needed to because about that time he went to the car and got his ticket book and wrote me a few tickets. Madeline got out and came around and switched places with me.

My best advise is if you’re going to run someone off the road make sure it’s not a highway patrolman.

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