A Petey Story

Petey was the son of a very wealthy man from Rockdale. A story was told that several of the ladies of note in Rockdale payed the senior Pete Coffield a visit one day in his office to get a donation to do an improvement project at the library or perhaps a museum.

They all came in and laid out there reason was for the visit. Mr. Coffield listened and was just about ready to order up a sizeable check when one of the lady’s said “one moment, before you decide on an amount. You may want to know that Petey has already donated one thousand dollars”. A large amount in those days.

With that he looked across his desk at the group and said “ladies let me tell you something. Petey has a rich daddy and I don’t. Now get your butts out of here so I can get back to work”, giving nothing to the cause.

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