Snow Skiing – Ronnie Lewis Style

When we were younger, much younger, several couples and our children all went to Lake Tahoe for a little get away. I wasn’t an accomplished skier when we got there. To tell you the truth I’d never had a pair of snow skis on.

Several in our group had never skied either, including my wife and my brother, so they enrolled in Ski School.

One couple with us were accomplished skiers. John and Belinda Kemper made it sound easy. So rather than waste time with ski school I got my equipment on and headed to the top of the mountain. I had never seen a ski lift. Whatever John and Belinda did, I tried to follow them. I tried !

Somehow still unknown to me, even today, I made it to the top and dismounted the lift chair without them having to shut the whole thing down. That was the last thing that even looked like I knew what I doing that day.

Those dang ski boots were about the right length, but only about half wide enough. It felt like my feet were in a vise.

I looked up and the Kemper’s were gone. For some reason I had assumed we would all ski down together. I guess that wasn’t a very good assumption on my part. I started watching and doing what everyone else was. I would ski for a few feet and fall. Then I’d get up and try again. I could see pretty quick I wasn’t ever going to ski down, so I needed to figure how to get off the mountain otherwise.

So about the time ski school was finished for the others I came walking off the mountain with the skis over my shoulder. When I say I came walking off the the mountain, may not be exactly right. You can’t just walk off of a mountain with tight ski boots on your feet and skis thrown over your shoulder. So what I was doing was a combination of walking, tumbling, rolling and sliding down that mountain. I can’t exactly remember but I think it took about 3 hours to get to the bottom. I even thought about leaving the skis behind a time or two.

When I went in and took off those boots it was truly one of the best feelings I’ve ever experienced. I even had considered it up on the mountain, but for whatever reason I figured that wasn’t the best idea.

I spent the next three days in the casinos while the others skied. I have never even thought about trying to ski again. That’s an activity I just wasn’t cut out for.

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