Save Our Planet

I’m not sure how strongly I feel about Climate Change or Global Warming or whatever the buzz phrase of the month is.

I am fairly sure we humans do harm to the planet. We foul the roadsides and waterways with trash so it’s no stretch of my imagination to think we are messing with the ozone layer.

I’m doubtful that the California fires are President Trumps fault because he pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord.

I heard a scientist kind of guy on one of the Sunday News programs this morning say that by the year 2100 this country would be in an irreversible condition when it comes to the Climate. That’s 81 years from now. Never hurts to plan ahead.

I googled how long before the earths supply of oil would be depleted. It’s estimated that will happened in approximately 50 years from now.

So something tells me that we need to continue developing alternate sources of energy, whether there is a need to save the planet or not.

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