Texas State Hog Farm Cedar Park, Texas

When I was growing up in Jollyville, during the 1950s and 1960s there was a large hog farm that was operated by the state right out along US 183 between Jollyville and Cedar Park. The farm started along where the Lakeline Mall Home Depot is and continued along the north side of the highway to about where Avery Ranch Blvd or maybe even farther west. It probably continued north to approximately where Parmer Lane currently runs.

I have read that the state owned portion of this farm was 308 acres with an additional 1,140 leased acres.

I remember there were trucks going in and out of there all the time. They always said the pork went to the Prison System, State Hospitals & State School Institutions all around the state.

From the highway there were a number of buildings that could be seen and there was a distinct odor of a “hog farm”. Some of the buildings looked like houses for some of the employees.

For several years after they closed it down, I think the grounds were used for the MHMR Rehabilitation – Leander.

The annual Cedar Park Cedar Chopper Festival was held there for several years.

According to this article below, it appears that this farm was also used as dairy farm at an earlier time. This explains a bit more about why the state was in the farming business.

I had never heard the word above.

The area inside the red is the general location of the State Hog Farm.

Most of that area is now developed. Or will be developed soon.

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