Gulf vs. Sinclair

Virg Baugh operated Gulf Station at 4th and US 281 (most likely it was still designated Texas 66 in those days)

The owners sign above the door is somewhat obscured, but I think it says Johnnie Crooks. If anyone knows differently, please holler.

Photo reads 1954

It seems that Mr. Baugh’s son in law, Chet Sayers came to town and started operating the Sinclair Station that was across the street and almost a block to the north. I don’t know who actually owned it at that time.

I have heard that the arraignment caused some consternation in the family.

Unknown Year

Can someone enhance the photo to get a better look at the pickup on the end of the building? We think it was Papa Chet’s old pickup that would have be seen out at the Circle Inn Beer Joint, later on when he and his wife, Grandma Alice ran it.

These people are all members of the family that I married into 49 years ago this coming November.