The Mormon Missionaries

I remember how shocking it was. We had lived just a short distance from where it happened just prior to it taking place. It was unthinkable to me that a person could not only kill a couple of young men, but take them into a bandsaw a cut them into little enough pieces that they’d never be seen again.

Little did I know that Jeffery Dahmer would be killing and eating people within a year or 2 after that.

I know there have been horrendously shocking things going on in this world since the beginning of time, but the Mormon Missionary Murders were the first time it really sunk in how brutal people could be. And then he walked free on a technicality.

I went from innocently watching these events unfold on the news each night as the trial was happening to now sitting and watching hours and hours of these real crime and murder shows almost nightly for entertainment. There is an endless stream of them. Almost every one are worse than the one before.

At least the Donner Party traveling west by wagon train back in the 1840s ate each other as a means of survival.

Now in modern times you have this going on:
On July 23, 1988, Rick Gibson ate the flesh of another person in public. Because England does not have a specific law against cannibalism, he legally ate a canapé of donated human tonsils in Walthamstow High Street, London. A year later, on April 15, 1989, he publicly ate a slice of human testicle in Lewisham High Street, London. When he tried to eat another slice of human testicle at the Pitt International Galleries in Vancouver on July 14, 1989, the Vancouver police confiscated the testicle hors d’œuvre. However, the charge of publicly exhibiting a disgusting object was dropped and he finally ate the piece of human testicle on the steps of the Vancouver court house on September 22, 1989.

Did you realize this guy was able to walk free within a few years.

What would it be like to wake up this morning and realize ole Robert Elmer Kleason or Rick Gibson was your next door neighbor?

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