Dink’s Watch

As a young teenager my friend Dink had a watch that I thought was the neatest thing. It was a Bulova Accutron. Those were the popular watch in the 60s that used a tuning fork instead of spring to keep them in rhythm. Instead of a tick tick tick, they hummed.

By the time I was grown and Dink and I were in business together, the watch quit working. He had tried several places to get it repaired and the cost was more than it was worth. I talked him out of it, but I don’t remember the financial arraignment. I’m certain there were very few dollars exchanged hands if any at all.

Below is a watch very similar to the Dink Watch.

I took the watch down on Congress Avenue to Kruger Jeweler’s to see if they could fix it. The watch repairman took the watch and really admired it. He had it laying on one of the little velvet pads. He turned around to get something and when he swung back around he slapped the watch off the counter and it hit the marble floor.

He said, “I’ll send it to back to the factory and make it like new”. When I ask him what it would cost, he said “no charge”.

A few weeks later I got it back and wore it for several years.

Many years later after I didn’t wear it any longer, Dink ask me about it. He wanted it back for sentimental reasons. I gladly returned it to him and my fascination with watch had come to an end.

My wife bought me another that looks very close to the one below. I still have it. Haven’t worn it in years, make that decades.

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