Sheep And Goat Feed Can Take On Another Look When It Gets Wet.

I was filling up with gas one over at the Swift Mart. I had been feeding my Barbados the evening before, then it rained. An old friend, Damon Thurman came sauntering over and we were both leaning on the bed rail of my truck just guy talking. He noticed that a few feed pellets that had spilled out and became rain soaked.

Even I could have mistaken them for something else, but I never hauled a dog with me, because I didn’t have one. He said “You nasty ba$&@#d why don’t you ever wash out the bed of your truck? I reached down and took a bite out of one of them. Ol Damon broke and ran over by the curb and went to gagging. Thought he was going to loose his lunch.

The pump clicked off about then and I hung the handle up, got in a left.

He saw Kenny a few days later and said “I think there is something seriously wrong with your brother…………..”

2 thoughts on “Sheep And Goat Feed Can Take On Another Look When It Gets Wet.

  1. Oh, I LIKED that.

    Some years ago I read an article about the water pipes in New York City. At a place where they were being replaced, someone looked into one of the old ones and noticed a layer of what he supposed was sewage residue. One of the workers, knowing that these were fresh water (not sewage) pipes, broke off a chunk of it and wolfed it down. He got a reaction much like you got at the gas pump.

    I know you worked on sewage pipes. Did you ever work on replacing water mains, and find the same sort of thing?

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