Glenn And The New Game Warden

I think this story was told once before but is worth retelling.

A new game warden was assigned to Marble Falls. He and the DPS Officer at the time would gather at the Yacht Cafe with all the cowboy/rancher types that would met in the morning after their rounds.

With everyone sitting around a table one morning the subject came up about road hunting. The Game Warden looked at Glenn and said “I know you are doing it and when I catch you I’m going to put you in jail”.

Glenn didn’t appreciate being called out like that and several of the men had to restrain him to keep there for being a real scene.

The next morning the Game Warden woke up and 13 dead does were littering his front yard. He called the DPS man to come over there. When he arrived he said “I know who did this and I going to go arrest him” or something to that effect. DPS man advised him to just leave well enough alone. Which he heeded the advice.

The deer were loaded up and given the the needy. I understand the game warden wasn’t real happy about having clean all those old does, but it was part of the job.

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