Chuck Norris definitely wears Kenny Lewis pajamas

Back when Kenny had his place in Mexico, his son Kody brought a friend from Tennessee, Tom Brostowin, to hunt several times. On one trip Tom brought another fellow with him that was a New York Stockbroker type.

Kenny dropped the two of them off at a big double stand for the morning hunt and then continued on.

Kenny came back by little later to find them both sitting on the ground at the bottom on the stand. When ask why they weren’t up in the stand they told him there was a huge wasp nest in there.

Following are the actual words of Tom Brostowin

Kenny dropped us off at the blind and continued on to corn the roads around where we were going to be hunting. While he was doing this Ray and I stepped up into the blind and opened the door to find at least, a minimum of 1,000 wasps…big wasps. We both just looked at each other, didn’t say a word, and climbed back down the ladder. We flagged Kenny down as he was coming back from corning the roads and told him about the situation we were in. He very calmly said “ok, I’ll take care of it” and proceeded to put his truck in park. Now, Ray and I figured he had a bug bomb or some badass wasp spray in his toolbox on his truck, not the case. We literally stood behind the truck, as if the truck would protect us from a swarm of angry wasps, as Kenny walked up the ladder, took off his sweatshirt, opened the door to the blind, walked in, and closed the door. Ray and I again turned to each other, didn’t say a word, but I know that our faces both read “WHAT. THE. HELL?!?! About 90 seconds later Kenny walked out, put his sweatshirt back on, walked over to us and said Ya’ll can go in there now, there aren’t anymore wasps, unless you still don’t want to, I can bring you to a different blind. Feeling like complete school girls, I boldly said “No, yeah, we will stay here.” With that, Kenny drove off and Ray and I went and sat in the blind. Of course we got almost zero hunting done that morning because all we did was talk about how badass and fearless Kenny Lewis was, and how wimpy we were. This is also where I let out the legendary line, “Chuck Norris definitely wears Kenny Lewis pajamas.”

Kenny failed to explain to the two, that when it’s as cold as it was that morning, wasps can’t fly and can’t sting. No reason he would have wanted to take away that moment from those two visitors.

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