Circling 4-Wheelers

Back in the winter of 1984, Kenny had a deer lease on several thousand acres of south Texas land between Laredo and Freer. He was so gracious to ask me down a few times. (or anytime I wanted to come).

Once when several people were there, but all still out hunting, he and I both arrived back at camp, a nice house actually, on our 4-wheelers.

The timing was such that coming from opposite directions we reached the big open gravel parking lot in front of the house at the same time. Skillfully we head for each other but turned slightly and missed a head-on. The game was on then, we each turned and started running in a big circle, opposite ways of course. Each revolution would bring us closer and closer to colliding. Once we had done that a few times the dust got so think and we finally made contact. That caused each 4 wheeler to eject it’s rider and tip on it’s side. Luckily we each had on heavy clothes and even gloves.

I remember us hurriedly getting both 4-wheelers uprighted to cut down on the ridicule from the rest of the guys when they got back to camp.

The most miraculous part of that whole story. We each had gun racks on the handle bars. Mine had a new fancy 300 Mag Weatherby Rifle it with the nicest Ziess scope and I think Kenny’s did too. We had given each other those guns for Christmas.

Me being left handed and Kenny a righty, the guns were in the rack in opposite directions. When we turned them each back up, neither gun had even a scratch on it. If they had each been racked the other direction they both mostly liked would have warped the barrels, knocked the scope of and skinned up that beautiful wood.

Now as for the scratches on both of use, that was a different story. Even in our thirties, we were getting too old for that foolishness.

I went in the hospital in early Feb. 1985 for my first neck surgery. The collision hadn’t caused it, because I was already schedule for surgery prior to the hunting trip. But I’m sure it didn’t help any.

2 thoughts on “Circling 4-Wheelers

  1. Tell your brother that one of your followers once watched his M-16 bounce out of the cab of his 290 and disappear under the left rear wheel. He’ll know what that means. I was always careful after that to NEVER need that rifle (not that I hadn’t been careful before).

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