Minnie’s Stash (originally written Nov. 30, 2014)

Kenny reminded me of something yesterday that I had forgotten.

I wrote about Minnie and Charlie Campbell and her dying. Charlie would always tell us that Minnie kept up with their money and he didn’t know where she kept it or how much they had. I guess they thought, as we all did that she would outlive him.

Charlie wasn’t in a shape to do much looking so the first one and the other looked but never found any money. We were all pretty sure they didn’t have two dimes to rub together, so when nothing turned up, no one was surprised.

The funeral bill up at Clements Funeral home went unpaid. Charlie went on his way and moved to Cedar Park. The old house was pretty well turned over to the possums and coons. At some point Bonnie and Cec decided they better go clean out the pantry before things really got bad. They got ready to dump out an old sack of flour that was stuck down in the flour bin and there was a bank roll of $5,500 down in the bottom of the sack. That was a lot of money in the mid 60s.

Cec went up and paid the funeral home the money they were owed and took the rest down and gave it to Charlie.

By that time Charlie was living in a little room behind the Sunset Tavern at Cedar Park. Buck, the owner of the Sunset, allowed him to live there. He kept the place swept out and mostly always set at a corner table, waiting on the the next patron to buy a round of beer.

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