Hall Level and D&H Foundry

When I was growing up around the Austin Area, in the 50s and 60s, there were two businesses in the vicinity of 3rd and Comal.

As far as I know they were sister companies, owned by the Halloway Family. One was Hall Level and Manufacturing. The other was D&H Foundry.

Hall Level produced several types of carpentry and industrial levels. The one I am most familiar with was their aluminum torpedo level.

Hall Torpedo Level

D and H Foundry produced the aluminum cast part and Hall Level made the glass bubble portion and did the finishing to make them the fine precision instrument they were.

Women Making Levels

The Foundry made all kinds of metal castings besides the levels. There are several Bronze Plaques commemorating the Chisholm Trail around Austin. The ones like in the picture below was erected by my dad, Cecil Lewis in the early 60s while he was employed there.

Does anyone know of other locations around Austin where these plaques are still intact?

Chisholm Trail Marker

I had D & H Foundry cast a bronze plaque for an association I belonged to in the mid 1980s. It was attached to the office door. I don’t remember them being around long after that.

Looking on Google Earth I see there is a office/condo project at or near the original location. It is called The Foundry.

5 thoughts on “Hall Level and D&H Foundry

  1. Well researched, connected and presented. It makes me regret having grown up principally in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, where memorable places are “where I used to get the car fixed”, which since then has been a pizza place, furniture store, and parking lot.

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  2. D&H Foundry was founded, built and owned by John Dieter (My Grandfather) and was on 6th street other side of where I-35 is now. My Uncle worked there and invented “Lost Foam Casting” but never applied for any patent. In the 80’s it was mostly a machine shop. I worked there in 82 when I was going to U.T.

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      1. The “H” was for an investor that was supposed to assist in the funding of the company. He didn’t. It was NOT Holloway. Holloway was a dear friend of the Dieters.

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