The Gifts That Mean The Most

I am a little sentimental about gifts that my grandkids give me, even more so of things my sons made or bought for me when they were small.

One gift that dates back close to 35 years, that I count as one of my most treasured possessions. It stayed out on my dresser for years, but somewhere along the way it got put in my sock drawer and remains there to this day.

Most people would look at this prized possession and wonder why I have it in my sock drawer. The answer is simple. It was a gift this one little fellow picked out, telling his mother how he knew it was the prefect gift for his daddy. With excitement he told her “Daddy will love it“.

When I was opening that gift, and I can’t recall now if it was a birthday or at Christmas, but I remember the excitement in that little blond headed boy and the smile across his face.

For the memory of that, I will never part with this most cherished gift.

My little plastic pineapple – Ron Lewis Jr.

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