Bill Tabor – Inventor & Hydronaut

I can’t tell you that I ever really got to know Bill, but we were in the same type of construction business in and around Austin, back in the 70’s. I’d run into him from time to time. We both frequented the Jim’s Coffee Shop on Ben White Blvd and we would see and chat with each other there.

Bill had a horse stable out by Travis Country toward Oak Hill. He had his finger in a lot of things. He also operated a store, Tabor Town down around Cedar Creek, I believe it was.

I read where Bill passed away a couple of years ago.

What sticks in my mind most about Bill Tabor was his invention. A big plastic bubble that enabled him to walk on water. He claimed to have coined the name Hydronaut and that is what he considered himself. He had hopes of one day obtaining a sponsor to aid him in water walking the English Channel. I don’t think that ever came to fruition.

Below is a video segment that I suppose showed on one of Austin’s very fine public access channel shows.

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