Charlie’s Hamburgers

There was a place on the western side of Houston. More than 40 years ago I started going there, when I was working near there. It was an old house, that was converted into an antique store that served up burgers. My oh my, those were the best burgers I ever ate. I would seldom would go to Houston, without going there. I almost planned my trips to Houston around a stop by Charlie’s Hamburger Joint.

I would often think, why don’t they franchise this place. Lo and behold one day in the mid 80’s I looked up and saw a sign on a street corner just south of the river between Congress and So. First Street in downtown Austin where they were renovating an old building to put in a Charlie’s Hamburger Joint. It was like a dream come true.

I was there for the grand opening. I returned many times during its brief life in Austin. It tasted the same to me. But the folks in Austin never found it I suppose. Sadly it was gone as fast as it had appeared.

It disappeared from its original Addicks location near highway 6 and I-10. I understand they reopened closer in to Houston inside Beltway 8 and added other locations around Houston. I have never eaten at one since that time.

Perhaps it won’t taste as good without the smell of old musty antique upholstered furnishings.

This building at Riverside & Barton Springs is the building where Charlie’s was for that short time. It has been several things over the years?

What Is Your Favorite Burger ?

A lot of people like Whataburger and a lot has been written about them. There are so many different hamburger places now, it’s hard to tell them apart.

I love Whataburger’s too. But I like a burger from almost anywhere at anytime. My favorite?

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