The South San Gabriel Wastewater Project

Me being a person that would never be involved in self-promotion (cough cough cough) I’m going to tell you about myself.

I’m in my 48th year in the underground contracting business. Perhaps the single toughest business where we encounter unknown obstacles daily, never knowing what’s below. There may not be any other business where the liabilities are as great and the rewards are as uncertain. “What was I thinking when I jumped off into this industry and started subcontracting, mostly on a shoestring, in 1972, the replacing of water lines all over Burnet, Texas. I was a few months short of being 20 years old. I choose Jimmy Palmer and Glenn Lewis as my first two employees. We were a wild bunch. But we did whatever it took to lay more waterline than anyone thought we could. There were a few mishaps along the way, but that went with the territory.

Next I will show you the project that a person in my business waits a lifetime to do. This project from 2007 and 2008 was one of the only projects that I’ve ever done that I didn’t second guess myself countless times saying “If I could do it over, I’d do this or I’d do that differently”. Not this particular project. It is the largest and most complicated one we ever performed. It was a large diameter wastewater line, that much of it was 40′ deep and ran along beside the South San Gabriel River, from IH 35 westward toward Liberty Hill for approximately 4-1/2 miles.

To say I’m pleased to attach my name and reputation of my company to it, would be putting it mildly.

Below is an article written about that project.

The two orange machines below were purchased specifically for this project. They each weigh-in at around 1/4 of a million pounds. The unique digging buckets were specially built (the first ever produced that large) and made it possible to accomplish that feat.

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