The Mystery Caller

Woody was getting hard of hearing and even a little cranky when it came to answering and talking on the phone. The Woody I’m referring to was our office manager back in our early days in the construction business. In fact he was our head accountant also. Okay, Woody was the only person we had in the office and the only one we needed. He did it all, when it came to answering the phone, payroll, our payables and receivables and keeping the tax man happy and insurance all straight. He did then what now takes a whole office full of people to keep up with. All that without computers and fax machines. He seldom made a mistake. It was a different time. A much more simple time. We offered to get him help, but he wouldn’t hear of it.

The only thing was if he was busy and the phone rang and it was somebody handing out a bunch of silliness, he would climb right in the middle of their butt. As you can see by all his duties, he didn’t have much time for foolishness.

He kept a little slotted tray on the corner of his desk that had each of our names on a slot where he’d put messages for us. One day my brother Kenny walked in the office, after Woody had left for the day, and picked up his messages.

One message was from Ducky Revino with a Marble Falls phone number. I came in a bit later and he showed me the message. We thought and thought about who Ducky Revino was. Of course we knew Woody was prone to not hear real well over the phone. Kenny finally returned the call, daring not to ask for the caller by name. Ducky was actually Becky Kovarna, Mike O’Connor’s daughter. We were involved in building the subdivision that Mike was doing out on Mormon Mills Road. She was wanting to talk to Kenny about something to do with that project.

When Kenny asked Woody the next day about the mistaken name on the message, Woody swore up and down that she had told him Ducky Revino.

So that just became a favorite thing for he and I to refer to when there is a misunderstanding about a name. We still do it to this day. Ducky Revino has been a big part of our lives. Because one or the other of us are always screwing up a name.

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