The Marimont Cafeteria

I ate many a meal in this place. Back in the 70s and 80s it was always on my to somewhere.

Anyone remembering Austin back then, when mostly all major roads ran north and south, so 38th street was a good cut-across.

The day I most remember going there, there was a very special visitor. She was the most petite little thing, just as cute as a button.

Accompanying her were several (four I think) big UT Football players. I’m not sure each one was huge, but in her company they seemed even larger than normal.

They weren’t far behind us in line and took a table very near ours. I had no idea why she was in town but found out later that evening on the news that Mary Lou Retton was in town looking at UT.

In looking up some bio info on her, I now realized she is married to UT Quarterback Shannon Kelley. I wonder if he was one of her entourage that day, the timing all seems right.

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