Larry Was Optimistic Right Up To The End

Several weeks before Larry Jackson passed away, I got a call from him. He wanted me to stop by and give him a hand with something. I’m thinking maybe he needs me to take his trash out to the big community cans by the street. He wasn’t so mobile, so even things like that were hard for him to do. In fact, almost impossible.

When I got there he said “I’ve been thinking about converting my living and dining area into a recording studio”. He wondered if I could think of someone he could hire to do it. “But since I’m on a limited income, I won’t be able to pay very much”.

With work being so plentiful all around the Highland Lakes Area, well actually all around Texas, finding someone to take on a job like that would be next to impossible. When you factor in that he was asking me to find someone that wouldn’t charge much, it moved into the it ain’t happening category.

He told me what all he was thinking. Tear out the table and seating in the kitchen, (this is in a small Winnebago type motor home, with the kitchen in the center of it) and in place of the table he wanted a curved bar where his sound equipment and computer could set. But then the floor needed to be reinforced so rolling chairs could be used…………………… Other than that not much else.

I inquired as to why he thought all this needed to be done. “Well there are some young musicians in the area and it’s so hard to find an affordable place to record” and he thought he could give them a good start by helping them with their recording.

While driving home afterwards, I called Larry and told him I found the right man for the job. Would tomorrow afternoon be a good time to start? I backed up to his front door the next day, and started unloading my tools and tore out all the old stuff and started measuring for the new installation. No more than 2 or 3 hours work.

The next day I came back with everything prefabricated and ready to go back in. Within a few hours it was wrapped up and I headed home.

By the next time I went to visit he had everything lined up and ready to go. It’s just that Larry’s body wasn’t ready to get into the recording business. Everything with his health continued downhill from that time.

Within a month or two, I was hauling him to the hospital for the final time. While he never got the chance to help those young musicians get started, I think it all gave him hope that better things were to come, once he was feeling better.

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